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A keen eye for real worth.

Quality is rare to find, and often the apparent could be misleading. It takes a trained eye to discover the real worth of a candidate.

The Chairman of Jasper, Mr. N.R. Prasad and his team of seasoned professionals are leading experts in Human Re sourcing at all levels of Management, Construction, Maintenance, Telecommunications, Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Hospitality, Power, Infrastructure & Manufacturing. Since 1984 In line with Jasper philosophy, the search for the right candidates goes beyond determining their professional mettle and aims at discovering their real worth. While domain experts and specialists in HR, counseling and language skills screen the candidates, we have dedicated teams verifying documents for professional and personal integrity. We also take great care to ensure that they are a suitable match in terms of health and character too.

Further, candidates are given an orientation document giving information about the job and the destination, from work profile, expectations and working environment to the countrys ethnic diversity and communication level requirements. This helps us to mutually assess their ability to adapt to the job on offer.

  • Verification of candidates integrit

  • Validating qualifications and achievements

  • Suitability of professional skills

  • Soundness in Health and character

> Ensuring the perfect match
> Final Interview
> Widening network
> Recruitment License
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